We are specialists at using counter conventional thinking and proprietary intellectual property to create business value.

Our Services

We work with businesses to help them identify their customers, their purchase intent and attitudes toward your products and services, shaping a proposition that delivers value and competitive positioning.

We work to position businesses where the best market opportunities exist and high value customers are buying, this builds brand value and equity.

We help you optimise the value of your business in a capital raising scenario while at the same time limiting the stress for both you and the business.

We help businesses to develop combinations of information, connectivity and understanding to create sources of customer value, company revenue and operational performance.

We create a corporate identity that embeds your brand positioning and differentiation in the minds of your target audiences.

We work with owners and managers to optimise the earnings, value and positioning of the business based on the assets, intellectual property and opportunities of the business.

We specialising in corporate writing and communications that enhance you brand and positioning story. Our team includes a qualified and well published business journalist.

We help you optimise the value of your business in a ready for sale scenario while at the same time limited the stress for both you and the business.

Why us?

MAP2 has a unique and valuable blend of world class experience, capability, and intellectual property across multiple countries, markets, industries and disciplines.

  • Experience

    Extensive multinational and multi industry experience in Australasia, Europe, Asia and the US with some of the world’s very best companies, both big and small.

  • Capabilities

    Proven ability to deliver for clients based on unique and leading skill sets and thought leadership in customer intent, digitisation and commercialisation.

  • Intellectual Property

    A proprietary set of models and methods developed and proven over many years and in different sectors that can be adapted for any business and immediately add significant value.

Our Work

Professional services – training

Professional services – training

MAP2 has worked successfully with this Melbourne based training company to help position and differentiate its next generation, world class products, understand the purchase intent of target customers, nurture its distribution channel and promote its value add for high performance organisations.

Australian market entry – vodka

Australian market entry – vodka

Market entry into Australia for overseas players is fraught with difficulties and traps for the unweary. MAP2 is successfully guiding an overseas company through the process of product suitability validation, competitor analysis, differentiation and positioning, evaluation and selection of channel partners, promotion and pricing.

Digitisation – property sector

Digitisation – property sector

The explosion of residential property building in Australia, especially apartments in the state capitals is intensely competitive. Promotion and selling of the units is also very expensive using traditional methods. MAP2 is working with a major player to centre their new digital approach around understanding customer intent and significantly low acquisition and conversion costs.

Open spaces – trees

Open spaces – trees

The open space industry is surprisingly unknown but plays a major part in maintaining Australia's beautiful parks, gardens, trees and open spaces. MAP2 is working with a major player to help them reposition their brand image away form the technical and towards language and presentation consistent with the expectations of their key target customers.

Professional services – consulting

Professional services – consulting

MAP2 has worked with multiple professional consultants to help them define and differentiate their offerings in the crowded international consulting market. These assignments include creation, design and production of promotional material.

Ready for sale and capital raising – multiple clients

Ready for sale and capital raising – multiple clients

MAP2 advises a range of business on how to optimise price and minimise stress in the ready for sale or capital raising scenarios. This involves dispelling common myths, imparting tips or expert advice and developing plans to move for current places to positions of higher value (or earnings).

Corporate writing and communications – multiple clients

Corporate writing and communications – multiple clients

MAP2 is providing specialist corporate writing and communications for a wide range of clients centred around their desired brand and positioning story. Corporate writing includes key collateral such as corporate profiles and capability statements, external and internal communications as well as the placement of stories with key media outlets.

Art – gallery

Art – gallery

MAP2 is working with a famous Australian gallery to increase patronage and conversion from exhibitions, based on an understanding of the customer intent of key target buyers.

Our Team

Mark Cutfield

Mark is Australasia’s leading specialist in “customer intent” and an expert in organizational digital strategy and international distribution, including food and beverage.

Paul M Southwick

Paul is a specialist in organisational evolution – what must be done, the optimal timing, and the related internal and external interdependencies. His skills cross start-ups, business repositioning and ready for sale.

Katie Southwick

As a digital producer Katie creates, designs, manages and updates multimedia content for websites, social media, mobile applications, interactive media, collateral and other products.


MAP2 also has a team of specialist associates in multiple disciplines available as required for projects.


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